Zero-Phishing Secure Messaging

Arnexa BinboxTM is the world's first phishing-free secure messaging platform. So your customers and users don't have to worry about getting duped and you can build greater trust with them!

Currently Binbox is available by invitation-only.

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Legitimate senders (banks and governments alike) have long been affected as their users (and, citizens) alike get duped by phishing messages. These are costly in terms of time, money and trust. Binbox employs new ideas to bring an end to this phishing menace!


Zero Phishing

Unlike other messaging systems that look at content and sender characteristics (like IP address, country of sender, etc.), Binbox utilizes completely different signals to stop phishing!


Binbox has been designed as a protocol which means that over time we expect a vibrant eco-system of software, service and app providers. We will publish the protocol specs too in the near future! So you won't be locked-in to any provider.

SaaS Platform

Binbox is available as a SaaS platform accessible via simple APIs. You can use Binbox for private messaging (within your organization) or for public messaging (with your customers, partners, etc.).

Simple to Use

Use Binbox where today you send messages via email/SMS to your customers/partners. Use it for alerts, notifications, periodic statements, etc.

Your App or Ours?

Binbox messages are delivered in an app of your choosing. Use your existing apps or use an Arnexa-provided Binbox app. Your choice!

Many More Features

Binbox supports ephemeral messages, end-to-end encryption, and so much more. Call us to schedule a presentation and a demo.

We've assembled a great team of engineers, entrepreneurs, advisors and partners from industry and academia to help us realize the Arnexa vision.