Build a savings habit
With the Arnexa 666 Plantm

Before you start with tools, you need to develop a habit, a discipline. The 666 Plantm helps you develop such a habit, a discipline.

Just 6 weeks. And, just $6 per week. It's FREE.

Afraid that developing a savings habit is going to be hard? Don't be. We'll show you a simple way of mastering the savings habit.

Step 1


Step 1 in our 6-step plan begins with purpose: Define what you are saving for.
Step 2

Bite-sized Goals

In Step 2, you set small bite-sized goals. Start out at 6 weekly goals each for $6. Super simple.
Step 3

Frequent milestones

In Step 3, break down each goal into daily/frequent milestones. Check in with our app daily. Record your savings.
Step 4


In Step 4 of our 666 Plan, when you complete your goal, you celebrate. Celebrations are important to keep your motivation high.
Step 5

Challenge Yourself

Step 5: Inspire yourself to do better. See how others are doing, and set your sights higher on future goals.
Step 6

Step 6: Repetition

Repeat this cycle — Meet a goal, set the next one. It's repetition that is at the heart of successful habit formation. Burn it into your "savings" muscle memory.

What people are saying about the 666 Plantm

It's a great tool for a young family. We set small goals for a short period of time, and when we succeed, Arnexa congratulates us and we can compare our results with others on the leader board. This element of competition helps with motivation, and now saving has become a habit!"


Kate C.

Quick and easy way to track savings. And it’s truly habit forming. After my first few goals were met I found myself wanting to save more and climbing up the leader board.


Steve L.

Thanks to Arnexa, I'm starting to believe that my wife can make savings instead of spending ;) It’s extremely simple and useful without any complex stuff. I suppose that Arnexa became a part of our everyday life.


Maks U.

Arnexa became my favorite because setting a short duration goals helps me control my goal achieving. After achieving first goal I wanted to start another...and another... And now I proudly watch my streak growth. And what is the most important - my savings increase.


Eugene B.

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