Secure your retirement

How much do you need in retirement? How well will your savings last under different market conditions? Simulate your retirement with our FREE AI powered retirement simulator!


Worried that your golden years won't be so golden? Don't be. We'll show you a 5-step plan that will help you get better prepared.

Step 1


Fill out information about your year of birth, when you plan to retire. Info about your spouse/partner too!
Step 2


Tell us about your income streams at retirement. Social security? Pensions?
Step 3


Next tell us about your investments and savings that you will have at retirement. Also, what are your asset allocations (stocks, bonds, cash)?
Step 4


Next, systematically enter your expenses at retirement. We provide a comprehensive worksheet for you to fill out.
Step 5


Sit back and watch the results as we simulate your retirement and crunch the numbers. Change the assumptions (market conditions, tax rates, income and expenses) and see how the numbers change.

Start using the Retire Fit tool now! Available everywhere. All you need is a browser!