Protect your assets

Don't lose what you already have. Your things - wallets, keys, phones. Important id's - like passports, driver's licenses, etc. Skytale provides you a simple way to protect yourself against loss of such items.


Lose something important like your passport? Your keys? Your important government issued IDs? Well, Skytale makes it easier for you to recover those lost items! Let's show you how!

Step 1


Register the various important things you own: your passport ids, your driver's license. For each of these things, you will simply use our app to generate a tag that you can affix to the thing you are registering.
Step 2

Affix Tag

Print out the tag generated by the app, and affix it to (or, place next to) item you registered. (In later versions, make the tag your own by customizing it - colors, text, emojis!)
Step 3

Get Notified

Let's hope you never get to this step! When someone finds an item that you have lost, you will be securely notified in the app! Exchange information with them about how/when to recover the item from the Good Samaritan who found your precious item!
Step 4

Pay it forward!

If you happen to find an item belonging to someone (by seeing the tag or entering the item number in our app), send the owner a secure message! And, coordinate with them about how you can give them the item back! Make their day!

Skytale will launch region by region on a first-come-first-served basis. So enter your email address below and get notified when we are ready!